Wizard Phone is a leading phone tree service for Churches, and as such we understand how important your members are to you. Communicating personalized messages with sincerity is at the core of all that we do, and our easy to use calling system is the solution you need to share these messages with confidence. Our team has over a decade of experience guiding non-profit leaders through the automated dialing process, and we look forward to helping you share your message!


Free Email

Sometimes written communication is the best way to send your message. Wizard Phone provides you with a free email account to connect with your members any time, day or night.
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SMS (Texting)

Catching someone on the phone can be a challenge in today’s busy world. Take your automated dialing campaign to the next level with texting capability!
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Get Started

Ready to start your automated dialing campaign? Setting up your Wizard Phone account is fast, easy, and affordable!
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How It Works


Call our toll free recording line and record your message.

We’ve set up a toll-free recording line, which you can call to record the message that you want to send to your members. Keep this message short and sweet, but make it personal. As the leader of your non-profit organization, no one knows the needs and values of your members better than you. Speak in terms that your members understand, and get to the heart of your message quickly.


Send calls immediately or schedule for a later date and time.

After recording your message you have two choices: send the message immediately or schedule it to go out at a later date and time.If you want to send your message immediately, simply follow the prompts that are provided after you’ve finished your recording.If you want your message to be delivered later, log into your Wizard Phone account and schedule it for the exact date and time you wish for us to send out your calls.


Receive the call report via email.

When executing an automated dialing campaign, we log each and every call that is made onto a call report. This report is automatically emailed to you once contact has been attempted with all of the contacts on the list you have provided. Your call report will clearly indicate the results of each call, telling you which calls were answered by a live person or an answering machine, which weren’t answered, which lines were busy, and which calls were sent to an operator. Paying close attention to the call report can both key you into the effectiveness of your campaign and help you maintain an accurate list of contacts, as calls being sent to an operator often indicate that a number has been disconnected.

Success Stories